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Folio Clutch

Done! The Folio Clutches were all added to the online store.

They are divided in two different models, or sizes to be more precise: the A4 and A5. And they are available in four different flavors: Chocolate, Black, Hazelnut and Indigo. All these colors will blend well with several styles, it's neutral, fresh, and it is only up to you to look out for your own identity.

The product itself is very practical for the daily life. For example to carry your belongings between office and home, or for a pleasurable walk out with your newspaper onto the coffee shop. Really straightforward and very urban with its raw cut and a sexy texture. Leather will have its major role here as well. Since it is a much larger surface and the grain is so, so pure that some beautiful tonal variations will arise only to lend style to the holder.

The Burel is the latest material addition. It is 100% natural and organic wool sourced from free range livestock that wanders in the Portuguese mountains of Serra da Estrela. It gives an interesting contrast to the whole clutch and at the same time protects any phone or tablet that you decide to carry. It is also water-repellent and very resistant to wear. By curiosity the Burel was, and still is, used by local shepherds to craft raincoats that are used in extreme weather conditions, have a look.

Take a look at our online store and check out the photos of these new Folio Clutches. Make sure you do click over the images to zoom and see the grandeur of the textures. Any questions that you may have just forward them to our email, we are here to help.

Thanks for reading. Stay close!

  • Pedro Fernandes
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