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Get This Style: Mac DeMarco

Feeling the heat? We're in the north-hemisphere midsummer, which means that fall season is just right ahead in the curve. And we accidentally caught Mac DeMarco's outfit in his own "macumentary", the "Pepperoni Playboy", while shuffling the interwebs. We thought this could be the perfect, relaxed fit you have been looking for this next weather's morph.

In general, Mac is just this goofy-wannabe, grown-up kid, mocking everything and everyone. But occasionally he gets sensitive, lame, and decides to write good stuff and enjoyable tunes. It's your unwanted genius in neo-buddhist, surf-n-turf clothings. So yeah, we love him, but he should quit smoking. Cigarettes are widening the space between his incisors. Hear Mac DeMarco's tune below, his own take on fashion.

For this style you need to splash some billiard green color on your chest, large or extra-large, and play with our Indigo color, here we got the Card Holder. We love mixing blue with green, but the jeans should be almost black, neutral, with one rinse. This way you can continue to paint yourself with some red sneakers and a brown beanie. A combination that tastes like summer's fleeting, where you still carry those bold colors but you're also melancholizing, ready to scratch some songs on your sand-filled guitar.

Go to our board to get the details of this collage. And here is the "macumentary" below for entertainment purposes.

Thank you & stay close!

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