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  • New Product: Odyssey Pack
  • Pedro Fernandes
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New Product: Odyssey Pack

We are really proud to unveil this new backpack that we have been brewing for some time. Developing it was intensive and tests were challenging but we can now finally release a fully formed new backpack that will serve you well.

In its concept it is a big bag that you can roll the top down and adjust the height. It has inside pockets for compartmentation and front pockets outside for quick items. The shoulder straps are adjustable and they are lined in the inside with burel wool woven for extra comfort. It does feel very lightweight with this last feature.

The main body is made out of vegetable-tanned leather and burel. It has a very resistant feel all throughout the bag and it keeps its form very well, one of our main objectives in development. The denim lining inside was meant to give extra structure and protect your backpack through time. You can pull it out, it does not detach from the bag but it will ease any cleansing actions.

We hope to hear back from you with any opinions on any of our products. Have a look at the images we have in the web store, and stay tuned to our social networks as we will post new images of our products in action, from time to time.

Thank you for reading! Stay close!

  • Pedro Fernandes
  • New ProductsNoise Goods