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Noise Goods Berlin

A couple of weeks ago Noise Goods went to the big Berlin city. The brand grabbed this great opportunity to present herself at an awesome trade show, the Seek Berlin; side-by-side with the big brands and the exciting new ones. Many thanks to all our friend customers who have stopped by to visit us and chat. It was really nice to see you all.

Better than this, i was not alone with the brand. I invited one of my best friends, Alex, to help me out with the brand presence. The other best friend, João, decided to surprise us and came to help too. Thanks, bros! The gang was united, so the experience could not be less than awesome.

The formula was perfect, Berlin is super cool, and we got the best of the experiences. Have a look at some of the stuff we caught, along with food recommendations. All photos taken by the three of us.








The Bird, the best burger in Berlin.








Berlin Soul Food, best pit stop to refuel, make friends and chat in Berlin.



Aunt Benny, the best brunch in Berlin.



  • Pedro Fernandes
  • Life On RoadNoise Goods