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  • New Product: Book Wallet
  • Pedro Fernandes
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New Product: Book Wallet

Here’s something new from the workshop! For some time we have been breaking bricks, building and testing this new typology. We can finally present to you the Book Wallet.

It is basically a leather cover for your notebook or agenda. In practice, it may reveal itself also as a wallet for your cards, passport, or other important documents; and it can also be a useful work tool. To collect all the pieces of your next science project, your ultimate art masterpiece, or simply to support your journaling activities. Whether at home, office or coffee shop, you can count on the Book Wallet to write and carry something more.

There are two available formats with different sizes, the A5 and A6; and you can choose between two colors, the Hazelnut and the Indigo. Except the size, these are identical, produced with vegetable-tanned leather and burel (100% wool woven). All made in Portugal using local materials.

Whichever is your profile this product will inspire for its craftsmanship, like all of our collection; the natural perfume, the purity of the materials and the honest but practical finishings.

This product also comes with the close collaboration of our friend 1/1. He provides us with a plain sketchbook, handmade from carefully selected quality materials; and a graphite HB pencil, sealed by 1/1 and Viarco. Noise Goods offers you the sketchbook and the pencil when buying any Book Wallet.

Hope you enjoy this product, and you know you can count on us for your questions and for support. We're here and glad to help!

Thank you & stay close!

  • Pedro Fernandes
  • New ProductsNoise Goods