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Secret Places: Visiting Central Portugal

Costa Nova!

There's a strong acclaim and good criticism everywhere in the world wide web about the heritage of Portugal, the people, the food, the natural/urban landscapes and the beautiful traditional details you can certainly find everywhere, from architectural grandness to smallgoods craftsmanship. You just have to search something alike "visiting Portugal", "Portugal is beautiful, or something more creative, to prove what i'm saying.

There's almost nothing we don't like in Portugal, except of course Government politics. It's still a democracy, whatever it means...

We recently stumbled upon this article about USA Today's readers preferring Portugal as the best European destination for tourism — no big deal... And we also found this nice compact review about the overlooked centre of Portugal on CNN, this one is very interesting too and we want to start here. 

Portugal is not just Lisbon, Porto and certainly not just beaches. Which by the way, are great!

These areas hold much of the good stuff but there's more. Sure, you can't just visit a whole country within your very limited vacations or business stay, not possible, but wait... Yes, you can visit Portugal, choose to skip Lisbon, Porto and Algarve, and only visit the centre of Portugal. Even a small portion of that region could be enough. Nothing wrong about it, just an absolute valid option. Strolling around, having a great time.

Of course, you need some sort of guidance on where to find inspiration. Here we'll give you a small compilation of our favourite places, in some images that we've found on Flickr; for you to view Portugal, to inspire you to pick some places and kickstart some travel planning. There's obviously more in between these listed places, but wherever you are you always need to call your adventurous self and explore.

Have a nice time visiting Portugal!








Serra da Estrela


Luso & Bussaco


Figueira da Foz




















Castelo Branco


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