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The Coin Wallet

Noise Goods Coin Wallet Black

The Coin Wallet is, for certain, the most iconic wallet we ever made. We are that proud saying this because people out there are giving us such a fantastic feedback, and above all trusting to try and live with a little piece of design. We are thankful for choosing us from this vast landscape of wallets out there. A BIG, BIG thank you to you all. It means a lot and it will allow us to perfect our efforts in the next generation of pocket wallets.

There is in fact a ridiculous amount of wallets in the market right now. It’s the compact one, the minimalist, the one that comes with an app, the water-repellent one, the one with a corkscrew, the one made of elastic that you can also wear as a head band, the one as thin as paper, etc.

Let me just lay it here, you knew it already, doesn’t harm to read it again: there is no perfect wallet. Like everything else in life, there are no perfect things. That’s why we think design is important here. We need to live a beautiful life. It’s not just about ourselves: the aesthetics or the looks of it. It’s about inspiration. Being inside a creative environment so we can kickstart a better life, so we can help others too. We want to help others, that’s our motivation, so we now share this tiny humble wallet with you.

Noise Goods collection of Coin Wallets

Noise Goods Coin Wallet Hazelnut

Choosing the “Perfect” Wallet

Why choosing a wallet like this? Well, do you like it, yes or no? Simple questions! Like said, there are TONS of others, but the important is to make an informed choice. Truly simple to follow, so here’s a quick checklist:

  • Do I like it? Does it look good on me, in my pocket and on the table?
  • Is it capable of carrying what I want to carry?
  • What is it made of? Is it eco-efficient? Who made it?
  • How much does it cost? Is it too expensive for me?
  • How long will it last? Will it endure long enough for what I’ve paid?

For us, the Coin Wallet (link to the collection of Coin Wallets) is not about being the most thin or the smallest one, that's just trendy, a moment. It’s about being a quality, good-looking item.

This is why we spent a lot of time designing and testing, also why it's handcrafted (hand-stitched by real people) with vegetable-tanned leather (why vegetable-tanned leather?). If allowed, it can easily last a lifetime. You won’t carry your entire world of cards in it. It’s useless to cram 50 of those, this item’s so tough you would break them while trying. For this one you can only carry the essential. 5–6 cards outside, you can put more on the main compartment, or save it for a lot of coins and some banknotes or bills.

Noise Goods Coin Wallet Chocolate

Hope you can find all this information valuable, or at least entertaining. Best would be talking with you as we make this for the community. Ask your questions below, in the comments section, send us an email, ask something on Facebook, Twitter or other media. We are here to answer them, and trying to pull out the best products for you.

Thank you & stay close!

A little extra from the archives, a collection of items we did sometime ago (in this blog post), for you to get inspired about a possible style where you can fit the Coin Wallet. You can click on the image to go to Pinterest, to select any item you'd like to find. Here's the image below:

Get This Style: Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (Iceage band)

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