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Other's Art: Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges selfie in the backstage of the movie Tron

Yes, a photo taken by himself: the Jeff Bridges. A selfie in the backstage of the movie Tron.

He's now officially the coolest guy in cinema. All he did was carry around his Widelux machine, while filming! A gift from the gods for any cinema lover! You'll find everyone: Meryl Streep, Matt Damon, Ryan Reynolds, Mary-Louise Parker, just to name a few.

Funny portrait by Jeff Bridges in the backstage of 7th Son

Mary-Louise Parker and Ryan Reynolds in the set of the movie "R.I.P.D."

Jeff Bridges photo

All photos are perfect, you can even order him prints! You can find these amazing photographs and more in his website. A bit web 1.0, but you'll easily get lost for some minutes without major fuss. Now, back to find someone who wants to sell a Widelux...

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