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Our Story

The Context 

I have never had a good relationship with the fashion industry. Most of the time, shopping for something to wear or to use is an arduous and frustrating experience. My problems are with the materials, their origin, the construction quality, and in the combination of all of these. When choosing an item, I imagine how they will stand the test of time. I look at the tags, searching for where they come from and the composition, analyzing the construction. When I do find a good combination, the looks don't tell much. When I find something that I like, I end up doubting its durability.

Buying something that's durable doesn't mean that we have to stay with it forever. But, in everyday use, it means reliability and comfort. I do believe in having a good relationship with our belongings. Every item becomes my friend; they serve me well, and I take good care of them. In the end, with all those memories, I doubt anyone would have the courage to dispose of them.

Finding a durable product is a good practice for the environment and our society. These days, they are harder to find. The big supply chains only care about finding the cheapest solution for the quickest profit. As a designer and consumer, I couldn't disagree more with this process and became tired of their bad products. I rolled up my sleeves and decided to build something with my bare hands. 


Buying better makes a difference. Search for reliability and comfort. 


The first Noise Goods model, the Coin Wallet


The Adventure 

I decided to start with a simple objective in an experimental tone. I examined my wallet and found a challenging topic to cover. Men that don't like to walk around with handbags usually stuff their wallets to death. I thought that I could build something practical that could limit this abuse, be small enough in size, and have an appealing design for extended use.



Machine stitching leather with wool


I started by searching locally to learn more about the production process and its difficulties. I researched on the best materials around and decided on vegetable-tanned leather as a real solution to create resistant products that are easy to maintain. After some rough prototypes, I finished the final design of the Coin Wallet.

The Coin Wallet stood out as an iconic object, gathering some compliments among friends. I uploaded some pictures to the cloud, and people immediately started to share them and also show their interest in getting a Coin Wallet for themselves. From there to a second and third product, it was a fast process. I established a partnership with two experienced craftsmen and founded Noise Goods.


Resistant products that are easy to maintain and repair. 


Noise Goods team

Pedro and Luís, brothers and craftsmen; and Pedro Fernandes, main designer. Photo by Honor Kennedy.


Our Vision 

The name "Noise Goods" is a short manifesto: A reminder to use our voice and create audible and responsible solutions to convey the right message, and to respect life, society, and the environment.

I started Noise Goods because I grew tired of crappy products and tired of the cold, inhumane manufacturing, and its consequences. But also I despaired with the general lack of attention to what the real consumer wants. I believe in a better shopping experience, where you can support fair trade in exchange for an authentic product.

Noise Goods continues this mission thanks to you. We now have a more complete catalogue, and we will continue to improve it while developing new concepts based on your feedback. Thank you for your continued support and suggestions. We are here if you need anything.


Pedro Fernandes,
Founder, Designer & Craftsman.